A Traditional Country Hunt

Foxhunting. It has been referred to as the sport of kings and the king of sports, but it is in fact enjoyed by people of almost all ages and occupations. There is nothing in sport, and there is hardly anything in life, which quite resembles it.

A Sporting Tradition

Some say its the challenge of the chase. Others welcome the camaraderie that prevails both on and off a horse’s back. But we believe it’s the “witchery of nature” – that indefinable spirit – that has drawn ladies and gentlemen to the sport of fox hunting for hundreds of years.
It is a sport that stirs the blood of all ages as they gallop across hills and fields, over fences and through streams, on glorious autumn mornings. We are brought together in a special kinship of the chase, sharing the exhilaration, friendly rivalry and laughter of the field. Those who glory in the foxhound’s cry treasure the ageless tradition of sport with horses and hounds. Game abounds in our hunt country and foxes and coyotes obligingly give us sport but the terrain inevitably favors the quarry

Our Mission

By definition, the Hunt exists to promote and encourage:

Education about riding to hounds and foxhunting
The sport of riding to hounds
The breeding and field training of foxhounds
The improvement of field horsemanship
Encouragement of the humane and judicial treatment of all animals
Preservation and conservation of open lands
Preservation of the fox and coyote in their natural habitat
All of which can be done while having a lot of fun!