Fox Hunting Attire, Or 'Turnout'

Does it is really matter what we wear when riding to hounds? Absolutely!  A properly turned-out field honors the landowners, shows them we take our sport seriously, and displays the appropriate spirit of tradition as they watch us ride by.

In a more subtle sense, it is an appreciation for this tradition that has led most of us to take up this sport. The preservation of the centuries-old foxhunting spirit depends the continued observance of the rules of etiquette that distinguish this activity from simply riding casually around through the countryside.

Here is a  guide for proper hunting attire for  our three riding seasons. You can always contact us or speak to one of the Masters with questions about attire. 

Formal Season

Ladies & Gentlemen  Without Colors                                                                                                                                                                                                                                

Black hunt coat, white stock tie, canary vest, buff or canary breeches, black dress boots and black or navy hunt cap.

Gentlemen With Colors and Hunt Staff

Scarlet coat with WHH royal blue collar and WHH engraved brass buttons. White stock tie, canary vest with engraved brass buttons, white breeches, black boots with mahogany tops, black or navy hunt cap.

Ladies With Colors

Black hunt coat with WHH royal blue collar, WHH engraved black buttons, white stock tie, canary vest with engraved buttons, buff or canary breeches, black derby or black or navy hunt cap. Black boots with black patent leather tops. A hunting shadbelly is also considered proper attire at important meets like Opening Day.

Informal Hunting, or 'Cubbing'

During the Cubbing Season, all riders including staff, wear 'ratcatcher.' That is, a tweed coat in muted colors like beige, brown or green. Beige or rust breeches, brown or black field boots. Gentlemen wear a tie with a light colored shirt other than white, again in muted tones. Ladies may wear a colored stock tie, necktie or choker.


If you join us for roading, you should be comfortable but look tidy. An approved safety helmet with harness and boots with a sturdy heel are required. Members should wear royal blue polo shirts with the WHH logo whenever possible.


A junior is defined as anyone under the age of 18. Juniors wear tweed jackets, paddock boots, and jodhpurs during both cub hunting and formal season. For those aged 18 and above, the adult rules of proper turnout apply.