Left to right: WHH Founders Roland B. Stearns, MFH,  Harold A. Dike, MFH and Robert S. Coe, MFH and Huntsman


Fox Hunting In Orange County, New York

Fox hunting in Orange County has a rich history starting in the spring of 1900 when Edward Harriman, F. Gray Griswold, John Townsend and Dr. J.O. Green decided to start a drag hunt in Goshen, NY. 

Not having any hounds or horses, they called on Mr. P.F. Collier who was hunting his own pack in Monmouth County, NJ. He was kind enough to loan them 10 couple of hounds, a huntsman, a whipper-in, a kennelsman & 6 horses for the staff.

Thus the Orange County Hunt was established and hunting began later that fall. The sport was so great that first year, the group empowered Mr. Griswold to purchase 25 couple of hounds on his next trip to England. In the spring of 1901, the new English foxhounds arrived in the kennels in Goshen, NY.

By 1903, the Orange County hunt expanded to warmer temperatures in Virginia; however, the Glen Arden Hunt sponsored by the Harriman family remained active in the early 20th century.

In the mid 20th century, the Windy Hollow Hunt began hunting a small pack of hounds, mostly drag, in the same areas of Orange County, NY.  The kennels were located in Florida, NY from 1963 to 1978, when the kennels were moved to the present property on Fort Van Tyle Road in Port Jervis, NY.

WHH Chronology

1963 Established

1963 –1978 Kennels at Windy Hollow Farm; Florida, NY

1978 –present Kennels in Greenville (Port Jervis), NY

1970 Registered with the MFHA

1972 Recognized by the MFHA

Masters of Foxhounds

1963 –1971 Harold A. Dike

1969 –1972 Robert S. Coe

1969 –1979 Roland B. Stearns

1971 –1979 W. Blair Nelson

1975 –1983 Mrs. Diane Braun

1980 –1982 David Bell

1982 –1984 Mrs. Heidi White

1982 –1995 William H. Pratt

1983 –2004 Mrs. Milly Baker

1987 –present Dr. Edwin O. Wiley

1995 –1997 Luke Allen

1995 –2000 Hon. Marc. W. Suffern II

1998 –2012 Mrs. Shayne Haysom

2001 –2012 Ms. Sue Doty-Lloyd

2008 –present Ms. Linda Scorsone

2012 – 2014 Ms. Angela Greer

2012 – 2014 Mr. Mike Warren

2014 - present Dr. Howard Millman

2017 - present Mr. Dale Roberts


1963 –1971 Harold A. Dike, MFH

1971 –1972 Peter Levendis (prof.)

1972 –1973 Terence A. Lober (prof.)

1973 –1974 Ms. Georgia Hudson (prof.)

1974 –1976 Patrick J. Ellis (prof.)

1976 –1979 Mike Rowe (prof.)

1979 –1981 David Boulter (prof.)

1981 –1983 John Brake (prof.)

1983 –1984 John Barnett (prof.)

1984 –1985 George Esterling (prof.)

1985 –1988 Richard Berliner (prof.)

1988 –2003 Anne LaBounty Berliner (prof.)

2003 –2005 Adrian Quick (prof.)

2005 –2007 Jordan Maddox Hicks (prof.)

2007 –2010  Marc Dradge (prof.)

2010 – 2012 Douglas Russell (prof.)

2012 – 2013 Amy Sharkey (prof.)

2013 – 2014 Christopher Allen (prof.)

2014 – present Chris Burrowswood (prof.)