"It's been called the sport of kings and the king of sports. Today, fox hunting is enjoyed by people of almost all ages and occupations. There is nothing in sport, and hardly anything in life, which quite resembles it."


Since the last pace of the Virginia Martin series at Quiet Creek was canceled, the standings as of November 11th for the competitors in the Virginia Martin /WHH hunter pace series, which involved competing in 3 out of 5 fall paces held by Windy Hollow and Quiet Creek, will determine the winning points. In the event of a tie, the team/rider who competed in the most paces will be the winner.

Congratulations are extended to the following winners :

Valeria, Oliver & Will Jones who scored 18 points and won the Open division. They also have won the Virginia Martin trophy for 2018.

Sasha Jackson won the Novice division with 14 points.

Anna Dayan & Ashley Kraus won the Hilltopping division with 15 points.

Your prizes will be awarded at the WHH Xmas party, December 1st at Wiley’s Bellefour Farm at 10 Dekay Road, Vernon, NJ. The party begins at 6 pm. Awards will be presented around 7 pm.

Congratulations to all competitors!