Whether you're a seasoned fox hunter or new to the sport, a first flight superstar, or a loyal hilltopper, Windy Hollow Hunt welcomes you


At WHH, we begin hound and horse exercise with "Roading" in mid-summer. Roading is ideal if you or your horse are new to hunting and want to start out slowly and learn the ropes. It's also the perfect opportunity to get you and your mount back into shape for more rigorous riding by the time formal season begins. 


Informal hunting, sometimes called "Cubbing," gets under way by mid-August.  At the Huntsman's discretion, the hounds' skills and teamwork are honed in preparation for Formal hunting season. Riders can enjoy a quicker pace and longer runs. 


Our formal hunting season commences with traditional Opening Day ceremonies in early October. Formal fixtures continue throughout the fall and winter as weather permits. 


Fox hunting is an ancient sport steeped in tradition. This tradition lives on today in the rules we follow while riding in the field and in our conduct around hounds, toward one another and of course, in our hunting attire. WHH puts a lot of importance on preserving the traditions of the sport and we ask that our subscribers and guests make every effort within their means to do the same.


The territories upon which we ride have been generously opened to us by our landowners. Without them, our sport could not continue. Another important part of our tradition is honoring our landowners and respecting their property at every opportunity. We always make sure to close gates, report and mend any damage and keep livestock secure. 


Masters of Foxhounds are the chief policy-makers in the Hunt. All hunt members are represented by an elected Board of Directors which has the authority to confirm the Masters, and which meet regularly with them to assist in conducting hunt business.

Masters of the Foxhounds are the ultimate authorities in the field.  The Huntsman hunts the hounds, a Field Master leads the riders, and an Honorary Secretary collects fees and keeps track of horses and riders in the field.