Without You, We Could Not Be

We wish to extend our sincerest appreciation and thanks to all our landowners in Warwick, Sussex, Florida, and Westtown for their continued support in allowing us the privilege to hunt over their property.

Because the territory needed for successful fox hunting is so large, generally very little of it is owned by the Hunt or Hunt members. The land is usually owned by many different people, farmers and homeowners alike. Therefore, it is the duty of every fox hunter to see that this permission is in no way abused and that the interests of the landowners are protected.

Since fox hunting is a rural sport, it's existence brings many advantages to local farmers and landowners. Aside from the tradition and character it brings to our area, a fox hunting community is an equine community that inherently supports local farms with a good market for their grain, hay, straw and livestock. WHH staff and members make every effort to support local farms and businesses with their patronage.