We're Only As Good As Our Hounds

Windy Hollow Hunt is proud of its foxhounds. Our pack consists of American foxhounds, Penny-Marydel and crossbred strains. They are housed at the WHH kennels in Port Jervis, NY. When not hunting, the hounds are exercised every morning, and members and their families and friends are encouraged to visit the kennels, help walk out the hounds and get to know them by name.

Members who would like to visit the kennels, please contact the Huntsman at (845) 697-4184. 

Hound Speak

Like everything else in this sport, foxhounds have their own terminology. For example, they are called “hounds” – never “dogs” unless you refer to a male foxhound.

It is acceptable to use the term “bitch” when referring to a female foxhound. Hounds are counted in “couples”, or by twos. When they are being broken to the pack, the puppies are often coupled collar to collar with an older, steadier hound during their first few times out. Their colors are described as “lemon & white” (light tan & white), “red & white” (dark tan & white) and “tricolor” (black, tan & white).

The huntsman and the whips know some of the hounds by name (and all the hounds answer to their name). Many also become known individually by their distinctive “voice” as they “give tongue” during the chase. Hounds are “drafted” individually for each hunt.

WHH usually hunts 15 1/2 or 17 1/2 couple each hunt. (The 1/2 is an old lucky superstition). At the beginning of a hunt, the huntsman and whippers-in will “road” the hounds to the first “covert” where they are “cast” in search of a fox. If it is not “blank” (no scent) the hounds will “strike” and the chase is on!

When all the hounds are with the huntsman either during or at the end of a hunt, they are “all on.”